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Call For Blog Submissions

Call for intersectional voices unpacking the positionality of what it means to be Muslim and Indo-Caribbean

Muslim Indo-Caribbean voices unapologetically unpacking the multiple intersectional truths, identities, positionalities and lived experiences of being Muslim and Indo-Caribbean based on various cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, languages, gender identities, sexual identities, abilities, socio-economic status etc.

Articles, Spoken Word, Poetry, Art, Narratives and Videos etc.

500 words or less


 ― If you wish to submit please email

The Muslim Indo-Caribbean Collective (MICC)

The Muslim Indo-Caribbean Collective (MICC) was created recognizing the need to;


(1) to create a space to unapologetically unpack, share, learn, unlearn, reclaim, decolonize, resist colonial legacies of intergenerational trauma/exploitation (Decolonize Mental Health) so we can stand in solidarity as well as connect over the multiple intersectional truths, voices, lived experiences and positionalities of being simultaneously Muslim, Indo-Caribbean and the descendant of indentured labourers displaced by colonization from Hindostan (present-day South Asia) to the Caribbean,


(2) to have thoughtful representation and amplify Muslim Indo-Caribbean voices, truths, lived experiences in spaces they are marginalized, silenced and invisibilized in (such as Indo-Caribbean, Indentured Diasporic, Caribbean, West Indian, Indian, South Asian and Muslim spaces),


(3) to address Anti-Muslim Racism affecting Muslim Indo-Caribbeans across these community spaces, which is rarely acknowledged much-less addressed,


(4) to have a space where Muslim Indo-Caribbeans can be unapologetically Muslim Indo-Caribbean, where we do not need to code-switch like we do in other spaces (Indo-Caribbean, Indentured Diasporic, Caribbean, West Indian, Indian, South Asian and Muslim spaces), where we are unable to express our authentic selves or live in our full truths

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