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Call For Blog Submissions: What does being Muslim Indo-Caribbean mean to you?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Call for intersectional voices unpacking the positionality of what it means to be Muslim and Indo-Caribbean.

Muslim Indo-Caribbean voices are usually marginalized, silenced and invisibilized in Indo-Caribbean, Indentured Diasporic, Indian, South Asian, Caribbean, West Indian and Muslim spaces (including those where they migrated a second time).

If Muslim Indo-Caribbean voices are celebrated, it should not be solely done during Ramadan since being Muslim Indo-Caribbean is our lived experience year-round so our voices should not be tokenized and relegated to solely during Ramadan in Indo-Caribbean or Caribbean spaces, platforms, social media accounts or organizations. The same goes for if Queer Muslim Indo-Caribbean voices are celebrated, it should not be done solely during pride month. These voices need to be heard and celebrated every day, year-round.

This is why the Muslim Indo-Caribbean Collective (MICC) is calling for Muslim Indo-Caribbean voices unapologetically unpacking the multiple intersectional truths, identities, positionalities and lived experiences of being Muslim and Indo-Caribbean based on various cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, languages, gender identities, sexual identities, abilities, socio-economic status etc.

If you wish to submit an article, spoken word, poetry, art, narratives and videos etc. to be published on our blog we are seeking submissions that are 500 words or less. We can be reached at


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